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Welcome to HP/Poly Studio All-in-One

When buying your HP/Poly Studio All-in-One you also get access to AI Producer. To start using AI Producer there are two steps you need to complete.


Step 1. First, you need to contact your Microsoft Teams admin/IT Department. Don’t worry, we will help you. 

The first step is to grant Review permissions and Grant Admin consent for AI Producer. This is only needed one time per tenant but is necessary to get started.

Grant Admin consent
  • The user granting consent does not need to hold an AI Producer License or be assigned as an AI Producer Admin to perform the following steps.
  • Reviewing permissions for AI Producer and granting consent can be done at any time, even if the customer has not yet obtained AI Producer.
  • The following steps can be done in any order:
1. Review permissions in Teams Admin Center
Review AI Producer permissions

2. Grant AI Producer Admin Portal consent
Grant AI Producer Admin Portal consent

3. Make sure the user has access to the AI Producer Teams app

Click the button below to send information and a link to this page to your IT Department.

Step 2. Activate HP/Poly Studio

Click the HP/Poly Studio Portal button below.

To get access to the application, you need to make sure you are using your new HP/Poly Studio All-in-One.

Enjoy the HP/Poly Studio All-in-One!